The Mosaic House - A DESIGN FOR LIFE
An outside classroom designed by Fiona Lydon Murphy an independent artist working in Ireland. Installed in St Francis Primary School, Blackrock.
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From bespoke wet rooms, steam rooms and soaking tubs to mosaic furniture, public art and signage and  we don't stop there! With 15 years experience in the tiling trade we supply and install marble, granite and limestone tile to the highest quality at the best prices.

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This floor mosaic based around on a fractal design is made entirely from left over tile and makes a stunning and durable feature for a kitchen floor. I used a single wooden stensil of the golden ratio (fibernacci spiral) to mark out the floor. Then applied the mosaic using the direct method.  This mosaic lies at the bottom a swimming pool in Bordeaux. Made of 10mm glass mosaic tesserae the coat of arms and applied it to a cheesecloth backing to transport it. We tile the entire swimming which also included a custom gold celtic border and a gold fleur de lys mosaic at the steps. The swimming pool is in the majestic grounds of the Chateaux de La Ligne, Bordeaux